Our Team

Working to bring the latest innovations into the clinic

Sean Pollock spearheaded Breathe Well's research and development over the past 5 years for his Masters and PhD research projects before translating from academia to a full time role commercialising Breathe Well.                                                                                                             seanpollock@breathewell.co

Professor Paul Keall is the company director and inventor of Breathe Well. Paul has pioneered medical technologies now used as the standard of care in cancer treatment, worldwide. Paul has an extensive and prolific track record in academia having been the Director of Radiation Physics Division at Stanford University Department of Radiation Oncology. 


Kuldeep Makhija is the primary Breathe Well software developer with many years of industry experience. Kuldeep is especially interested in exploring new and innovative ways for patients to use and access Breathe Well, whether it be in the clinic during treatment or a mobile take-home device.

Dr Ricky O’Brien is a software developer, with much of the Breathe Well developments of the past several years to his credit. Dr O'Brien has a focus on translating difficult scientific ideas into easy to use and life-saving clinical practices.

Dr Robyn Keall is the company secretary. She is a Clinical Nurse Consultant and has Masters degrees in international nursing, nursing practice and has a PhD on palliative care and is a proponent of improving the patient treatment experience.